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IMN Loyalty Driver® is an e-communications platform that lets direct selling organizations drive significant increases in average sales volume per consultant by booking more parties, recruiting more consultants and building stronger customer relationships.

With Loyalty Driver®, direct sellers can help their sales consultants build and cement the personal relationships they establish at home parties, resulting in measurable increases in sales volume, number of home parties held, and number of sales sales consultants brought into the business. Loyalty Driver® includes newsletter call targeting and analytics solutions that make your affiliate sales consultants more effective and productive – all while strengthening the corporate brand.

IMN Loyalty Driver® lets you:

  • Improve sales results by simplifying consultant call targeting efforts
  • Enable consultants to book more parties by finding more hosts
  • Effortlessly maintain regular contact and top-of-mind awareness with customers
  • Build and strengthen relationships between the customer and the consultant and between the customer and our brand
  • Control branding, messaging, and offers as communications are sent throughout the network
  • Receive instant market data through readership analytics for better insight into your entire network
  • Educate consultants on new products, promotions, incentives, and more.

Founded in 1999, IMN is an e-marketing service provider specializing in content-driven e-communications. IMN enables companies to communicate with their customers through e-newsletters designed to drive measurable results.

IMN serves customers worldwide and is headquartered in Houston, TX.

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